Etruscan Route

The Etruscan

Tuscia’s origins are very ancient and find proof in archeological finds dating back to the protovillanovian and villanovian period (X-VIII centuries B.C.), passing through the Etruscans (VIII – I centuries B.C.), then forward to the ancient Romans and the middle ages which embellished our little towns with magnificent architecture. There are innumerable sites to be visited but when forced to choose how to advise our guests as to where to find the maximum evidence of the Etruscan culture, we would certainly suggest Tuscania, the ancient city of Vulci and the Castle-museum of La Badia, Tarquinia (the foremost centre with Etruscan tombs, some of them also painted) with the extremely well-provided Palazzo Vitelleschi Museum and, on the coast, the remains of the Etruscan port antica Gravisca - VI century B.C. Then Norchia, travelling forward along the return route, with its monumental Etruscan necropolis interred in the tufa rock with impressive architurectural magnificence.

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Thermal spas and Relaxation

Terme e Relax a Viterbo

A particularly privileged venue, located 10 minutes away from the Chiarluna Resort, is without doubt the well-known thermal complex of the Terme dei Papi Spa in Viterbo.
The presence in the Township of Viterbo of natural sulphur springs has encouraged the development of highly qualified thermal therapy spas also offering pure and simple and pleasant relaxation. Besides the great thermal swimming-pool the Spa also supplies beneficial health and beauty treatments for the face and body, a natural grotto, massages etc., also for short periods or weekends.